Now on sale “Rebuild of Welcome to the NHK” #1~3 (2022/11/30 chapter #3 released)

Hello everyone, I’m Tatsuhiko Takimoto author of “Welcome to the NHK”.

“Welcome to the NHK” is legendary hikikomori novel that published in 2001. 

Twenty years later, the official short sequel was finally completed and published!

We can meet Sato, Yamazaki, Senpai, Misaki again. And you’ll witness an even deeper conspiracy!

The beautiful cover illustration is by Kenji Oiwa he is a great comic artist and my friend. 

The excellent translation and book design is by YU @MAWARIWORKS he can many creative things like Yamazaki.

Thanks to them for their help in creating this wonderful e-book.

And to all the NHK fans, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The proceeds from this book will help me to write new works!

Rebuild of Welcome to the NHK can be purchased at this site 

Thank you!

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New News 2022/02/11

Today we released “Rebuild of Welcome to the NHK!” Chapter 2 English edition.

Además, hemos lanzado una versión en español del primer capítulo.

This is English edition Chapter 2.

Beautiful PDF edition on Gumroad

Amazon E-book

Translation and Design is Yu / MawariWorks. Thank you for Great work!

Esta es la versión en español del primer capítulo.

Hermosa edición en PDF está aquí en Gumroad

Amazon E-book

La traducción es Ruy(Yururin). ¡Gracias por hacer un gran trabajo!

News 2022/11/30

Today we release “Rebuild of Welcome to the NHK!” Chapter 3 on gumroad.